The Prom: Broadway’s Uplifting Musical With A Message

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Cause, Project

I’ve always been a tad dramatic. I know. That’s shocking. Involved in local theatres since I was a teen, I’ve also had the joy of seeing both my adult children act and sing in Broadway inspired musicals. I guess you could say our whole family is dramatic, or gifted. You pick.

When a dear friend told me about an up-and-coming musical centered around acceptance, I jumped at the opportunity to help bring it to Broadway. I too have had to fight the many voices telling me I was different, quirky, too bold, too loud, and didn’t fit into small-town conservative America. Like The Prom, in my life, I have found that when we love each other above all else, anything is possible.

The Prom took Broadway by storm after it’s debut in November 2018, earning numerous Tony nominations, was awarded Best New Musical at the Drama Desk Awards, published by Penguin/Random House as a novel and championed by Emmy award winning Director Ryan Murphy to become a star studded movie on Netflix (due out Fall 2020).

I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this musical’s journey. I hope it spreads grace and laughter to all who see it.