The Musical That Proves Age is Just a Number: Half Time

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Cause, Project

I remember my grandmother hitting her mid-fifties and moving in with us. Retired and eating her Little Debbie cakes while watching General Hospital — that was Grandma’s life and she loved it. But now I’m in my mid-fifties and I’m not slowing down. At my age, in this day, we can do anything.

Half Time, the Broadway musical, is a true story of the first-ever seniors’ dance troupe for an NBA team. Imagine being over 60, auditioning for a dance team, and preparing to bring IT in front of 20 thousand screaming fans? I can! And not only would I be out there shaking it, I’d be cheering on anyone fierce enough to do it.

Helping to bring Half Time to Broadway is a shout-out to everyone out there who has faced self-doubt, prejudice, and aging, only to stand up and say: Age is just a number!

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