The Distant Sound of a Train Whistle: Glimpses of God

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Faith, Inspiration, Life

Train whistles. I love them.

Especially on cold winter nights when you can hear them for miles. They sound so far away . . . yet, they tug on my heart every time.

It seems like I hear a train whistle at just the right time. Soft, low, somewhere off in the distance calling out. I sometimes can hear the engines too. Rumbling, urging, pulling. The rest of the world may be sound asleep but I lay awake listening to that lonely call, that singular, remarkable, reverberating sound singing through the night. I smile and open my heart to it. I calm. I relax in the knowing it brings to my heart.

You see, I’ve had a belief ever since I was a young girl that God reminds me He is thinking of me when a train whistle blows. I hold to that belief even now. Suddenly, this extraordinary One is calling out “Nelda. Nelda. You are mine. I love you. You are special to me. Never forget. I see you.”

My eyes crinkle and half close. My heart warms. I feel the whistle through my very body.

I am loved and seen and worthy.

Through and through.