New Kid in Town Blues

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Children, Family, Inspiration, Life

She looked completely dejected — head thrown back, eyes staring, body slumped.

“What’s up, Love?”

Deep sigh. Rolling eyes.


“I don’t have any friends. I’m new. The girls all pair off, and the one I had over for the play date only plays with her best friend ‘so-in-so!’”

Well crap. It’s here. New kid in town blues.

All I can do is hug her and think for a bit. Walk in her shoes for a moment.

“I bet they’ve known each other a long time. Played together for several years now. Don’t they go to church together too?”

“Yes. And I just wanted to be their friend!”


I sit with her. Fifth grade is tough, but we pushed for this move early and didn’t wait until middle school, so we could through this now instead of later.

“Celebrate their history.”

“What Nonni?”

I hope I’m on the right track.

“Celebrate their history — they deserve for you to cheer them on. They’ve kept their friendship alive for a long time. Ask them how long, ask them when they met, ask them what they love to do together. Celebrate their history as friends.”

My reflective one pauses. Thinks it over a bit.

I tell her one last thing, “Don’t envy them. It will drive them away. Try being joyful and grateful for their friendship with one another.”

Long pause. Gosh, I love this girl!

Big hug. Digs her head into my chest.

“Thank you, Nonni. That sounds so much better than being mad!”

We hug and I tell her how much I love her, how loving her heart is and that good friendships are worth having, but you have to be a good friend. She smiles and hangs on for a while.

After she goes her way I think about how wonderful it is to love this brave girl. She stretches and teaches me all the time.

Second time around parenting is a challenge.

But those moments . . . those moments . . .