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The Prom: Broadway’s Uplifting Musical With A Message

I’ve always been a tad dramatic. I know. That’s shocking. Involved in local theatres since I was a teen, I’ve also had the joy of seeing both my adult children act and sing in Broadway inspired musicals. I guess you could say our whole family is dramatic, or...

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Every Child Deserves an Education: Get Reading!

My affinity for reading started at a very early age and continues now.Feeling the texture of the paper as you turn the page, there is just something about it that has always drawn me in. And once in those pages, I become immersed in whatever I’m reading. However,...

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Two boys reading a book in a classroom.

Changing the Lives of Women and Children in India

Bright lighting and loud music, buffet tables, and constant drums — all the markings of a vibrant and lively wedding ceremony, witnessed from my balcony at a hotel in New Delhi, India. I thought it was fascinating, how it all beckoned any passerby to steal a peek...

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Women in India

The Musical That Proves Age is Just a Number: Half Time

I remember my grandmother hitting her mid-fifties and moving in with us. Retired and eating her Little Debbie cakes while watching General Hospital — that was Grandma’s life and she loved it. But now I’m in my mid-fifties and I’m not slowing down. At my age, in...

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Half Time, the Broadway Musical

Abi Ferrin’s Women of Purpose

Abi Ferrin’s Purpose Project is a cause that I stand behind not only because she is empowering these women to share their stories and the challenges they have overcome, but also because I have dealt with my own body image struggles. It goes back as far as I can...

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Abi Ferrin

Freeing Youth from Sex Trafficking

Ten years ago, not many people had heard about human trafficking. I certainly hadn’t and to be honest, I didn’t want to admit human trafficking existed. But the more I learned about it, I knew I couldn’t turn a blind eye to what was happening. I had a choice:...

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