Marvelous Summer Days: Watermelon, Family and Gratefulness

by | May 29, 2018 | Children, Family, Life, Podcast

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by Nelda Sue Yaw | from Nelda's Blog

It was such a fun evening—hot, sticky, squinting at the lake as the sun went down, sans sunglasses.

Heather came by and leaned over my chair, “It’s 98 degrees at almost 8 o’clock, can you believe it?”

Karl and I shook our heads after she walked away.

“Dog days of summer have started.”

I went down to the crowded shoreline amongst the splashing bundles of energy to look for my towheaded one and our dirty blonde. I finally stood on a rock to get a better look. No go.

I considered irrational fear and tossed it aside. They probably found a free hot dog or watermelon. After an intense few passes over the water I looked back toward the crowd.

As I thought, the oldest had cake and the younger was eating watermelon, but while the younger one relished hers the oldest one looked like she was caught red-handed. I smiled reassuringly as she finished the last bite.

I asked them to stay dry, but they ran off and came back dripping wet a few minutes later, just in time for the fireworks to begin.

We sat there in our camp chairs and offered our blanket of Indian saris to a sweet family who graciously accepted.

I smiled at my family. My sweet girls and dear husband. There are times I still marvel that I married again, that we adopted these precious daughters, and that we are jelling as a unit. My heart is so grateful.

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