Love Song to My Body

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Growth, Healing, Inspiration, Life

I love hearing John Denver sing “This Old Guitar.” It’s about all the things his beat up, scratched up, old hand-me-down guitar ever did for him.

It makes me think of writing a love song to my body.

People, the things my body has been through! Two births, one c-section, botched foot surgery, emergency ruptured tubal surgery, cut from stem to stern again a year later, hysterectomy and bladder suspension, and serious leg surgery after a fluke fall. And I deal with Hashimoto’s to boot!

Yet, I’m still kickin!

I love my body! It’s my body! I love that it birthed my babies, hiked some trails, led me to amazing places, snorkeled some rarely seen reefs, and now kisses my sweet husband, snuggles my darling girls, and hugs my adult children.

It’s my vehicle to experience all the things I’ve known, and I am grateful!

I love it when people say my son and I share the same laughing eyes, or that my oldest daughter has my smile, and they love my laugh. My body is reflected and mirrored to me in my precious offspring, and they can share the joy I feel inside.

This old guitar it taught me to sing a love song.
Taught me how to laugh and how to cry.

I’ll never tell you I don’t feel a twinge, or wish my abs had seen less of a scalpel, or that I still had the intact strength of my 20’s, but I am doing my best to be grateful for what I have been given.

It opened up the space for us to be.
What a lovely place and a lovely space to be.

Thank you, body. You may not be pretty by the world’s standards, but you are beautiful to me!