The Life Changing Power of Live Theater

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Art, Family, Inspiration

Musical theater — where I was able to see my two older kids’ hearts heal and reach out to others. It’s where I was able to watch them find a place they belonged, and something they excelled at.

I loved every moment of that discovery.

We had moved to Virginia Beach, and loved the new community but had not yet fully “connected.” We found a children’s theater troupe, all kids, all the time! It was glorious and so we joined. I watched my children dance and sing down the yellow brick road, and pickpocket their way as ruffians and orphans through the streets of London.

Later, when they were young adults, I saw my daughter win the heart of the Beast and the audience as Belle, and my son captivate and humor them as Colonel Pickering. So many roles, such stretching of the minds, such beautiful voices developed, dances learned, lines more than delivered — lived!

And the audiences? Smiling, laughing, crying . . . entranced. Moved, as only live theater can do.

That is why musical theater. That is why I produce it now. That is why I literally adore this form of more than “entertainment.”

And why The Prom?

It opens your heart like a flower, a hearty winter flower that braves the storm. It opens slowly, with laughter and warmth, and leaves the audience on its feet with the sacred fragrance of joy, acceptance, grace, and all things good, by the final curtain.

It completely won me over the first time I saw it . . . chuckling at (and with) the characters, bewildered by the dilemma, tearing up with empathy, and finalizing with tears of sheer joy and incredible laughter.

My friend, who doesn’t need a breath of good humor, joy, and laughter in their life?

And the best part? A big ol’ dose of acceptance for everyone.