My Morning: Honeysuckle, a Dog, and Some Really Good Oatmeal

by | May 8, 2018 | Healing, Life, Pets, Podcast

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by Nelda Sue Yaw | from Nelda's Blog

The honeysuckle rests like a cozy blanket in the air this morning, as the birds call loudly to their mates. It’s that time of year for finishing nests, laying eggs, and raising young. The mockingbird is singing the loudest today, but the dove’s coo is always my favorite.

My escape artist dog is visiting the neighbor’s yard today—she’s got her nose to the air for my scent, and even honeysuckle can’t hide her knowledge that I am here to catch her and take her home. It’s the battle of the wills and my hungry stomach. She’s a bit more tenacious in some ways, but I think I can wait her out.

Ah, the tree frogs are still up.

Oh! There she is! She bolts straight at me, then rounds and takes off again into their back yard. Guess the game is on…I bet my oatmeal is cold by now.


Our pets. They are as much a part of our world as our breath at times. This loving roamer has been with me some 6 years now. Still puppy-like in some ways, part protector, part hunter, part loner, and fully my friend and always my love—She helped me through one of the most difficult parts of my life.

Did I mention, she loves to roam? Who could blame her? So many good smells and places to see and rocks to climb. Remember when dogs could be dogs and people watched out for them and life was simpler?

Remember that I’m hungry?

I hear Karl approach and after a brief talk he returns with our other gentle giant on leash and carries the leash of the roamer. She hears it jiggle and comes back, sits reluctantly, and smiles as she goes for her walk.

I smile, walk home, reheat the oatmeal.