Learning Gratefulness from Abandonment and Adoption

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Children, Faith, Healing, Love, Podcast

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by Nelda Sue Yaw | from Nelda's Blog

Porcelain dolls break when they hit stone floors. Suddenly, a beautiful face becomes jagged and ugly.

In this case, gone almost completely.

My youngest was immediately awestruck. She couldn’t believe what happened when she dropped her. It happened mid lecture about bathroom hygiene, which we had a hundred times, and in her despondency about it all she frustratingly released her hold.

The slip to the floor was rapid. It was meant to illustrate her frustration but she wasn’t expecting such horrific results.

At first I was miffed at her purposeful action. However, all of our emotions pretty much turned to horror when Sweet Ashlynn’s face was a pile of shards.

I collected what I could, not without blood being drawn, and began the painstaking process of accessing the damage. Could she be repaired?

I turned around. My youngest was blubbering her innocence and saying “no one ever believed her”, etc.

My arms opened, and consoling, warmth, and forgiveness of each other, and also self, love, and trust flowed and was spoken, while gifts of repair and healing literally filled my heart and hers. We have all lived through actions we regret.

Then the task began in earnest on poor Ashlynn.

In the midst of it all I felt overwhelmed. My girls are like this shattered china doll—dropped in abandonment, and now being glued together in adoption. Daily the Master’s hand is repairing and restoring them and sometimes I am an open show of help and other moments, quite the opposite. I resent the task.

I stepped out to have a cry. It had been a long week, with my mind and body tired of the virus, ready for better health. I lashed out unrealistically complaining today.

Now this strong reminder of how fragile we all are…how imperfect. In need of a master repairman.

My scars are ever evident — my impatience, bitterness, and frustrations at others because of my own hurts.

Thank goodness for forgiveness. For supernatural healing and vulnerability and grace to give along the way.

Ashlynn was repaired…but like most of us, not without evidence of the crash. My reminder, my youngest’s reminder…grace given, repairs in the making.

Choose gratefulness…give grace…throw open your arms and comfort each other.