Gratefulness Shuts Down Fear Like Rain Cools a Hot Day

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Growth, Inspiration, Life

I’m not grateful enough.

It’s that simple.

Sometimes I suspect the opposite of gratefulness for me is fear. Gratefulness acknowledges that I’m not in charge…and if I forget that, push it aside…fear rushes in.

Fear is a game changer for me. Suddenly, I hold the universe together and it’s the heaviest of universes. My arms ache, my back gives way, my legs begin to buckle, and to top things off, my tongue gives way to expletives and I’m met with some pretty rough shame.

It’s an exhausting and destructive cycle.


Your opposite is gratefulness.

Gratefulness shuts fear down like cooling rain and wind on a blistering day. Suddenly my heart shifts and my face tilts to the sky, longing for the refreshment that only gratefulness and thankfulness can give.

I can hand the universe back and release its crushing weight.

After all, dancing in the rain is so much better than trying to stop it.

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