A Good Read Or Good Nap?

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Family, Life, Travel

It’s a much-needed lazy afternoon, as we retire from the brunt of the Cayman Islands sun. It’s quite hard to force myself to leave these pristine, emerald waters and white sand, but I know a good read and a rest is what everyone needs.

I’m pushing myself to read a novel, each page a luxurious trip into someone else’s life in Italy, and every few moments the urge to stop reading and start writing hits with a vengeance. Ah, I ignore the impulse for 20 pages, that’s all I can stand!

Karl is reclined on the daybed in the master bedroom, pretending to read as well. He doesn’t make 5 pages before he is sound asleep. I smile and watch his right foot stretch out and his left one shake. The curse of autism…shutting completely down is something his body rarely allows.

I hear the girls in an adjacent bedroom. They are opening each Easter egg from their respective classroom hunt or exchange. I encouraged a nap, but I doubt that will happen. As for me, a nap seems inevitable on a day like today, and just like this vacation…is well deserved.

It becomes evident that my shutting eyelids will win out. I seek out a blanket and give in to the ultra-suede, seafoam-green couch. Before I sleep, I grab my oldest daughter’s teddy bear, and think about how getting old means no one particularly thinks I’m cute dozing here…especially when I give in to a snore.

Oh well, maybe I’ll be cute again when I’m 80.