Every Child Deserves an Education: Get Reading!

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Cause, Project

My affinity for reading started at a very early age and continues now.Feeling the texture of the paper as you turn the page, there is just something about it that has always drawn me in. And once in those pages, I become immersed in whatever I’m reading.

However, not all children get to experience the imaginative and educational world of literature. Book availability can be limited. In this age of technology, printed books are becoming a rarity, as libraries try to keep up with the demands of instant access. If a child doesn’t have access to either a library or the Internet, their ability to read is diminished.

As a teacher, I have been at schools that have the resources to provide students with both books and technology. I have also taught students who had neither. And without a doubt, the kids who have access to books and technology read better, which in turn impacts all of their subject areas. It’s life altering and has impact way beyond elementary school.

This is why advancing opportunities for children in elementary schools is a passion of mine. Through the SOAR foundation, we partnered with my previous school in Baytown, Texas, to bring its students and teachers both books and technology. The school was given laptops, for both students and teachers, and interactive display boards and books, and lots of books! Most of the students are from low-income families and don’t have access to the Internet. Now, these kids have the chance to not only embrace reading, but excel in other core subjects as well.

I can honestly say that the greatest honor I’ve received has been the dedication of my school’s library to my husband and me. To have an impact that will reach children, their families, and teachers for generations is absolutely incredible.

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