Daring to Believe

by | Oct 20, 2019 | Inspiration, Life

At the backdoor of the Longacre Theater on Broadway, it’s a place you buzz in, allowed entry if you are “on the list,” and today, it just so happens I am. I’m excited that I am here to film what goes on backstage behind the scenes…from the antics to the serious, I relish this experience, and grateful it is mine.

My crew and I enter the stage door and introduce ourselves to security. The theater is already buzzing with activity. There are rehearsals going on for the principal understudies (no rest for these guys—you never know when a leading actor may be ill or have a few days off). The set and costume folks are busy at work. Musicians are playing for rehearsals, people are stretching in the lower lobby, and as all the preparation for this Tony nominated show goes on, I’m going to get to experience it firsthand.

I’m like a kid in a candy store!

To save you some time let me summarize…

On this day I will stretch with the fabulous dancers, learn a bit of choreography from the dance captain, play the drums, work on costumes, check props, work with wigs, and visit with a few leading ladies.

Whew! Then, I get to work with the lovely folks of the Longacre…Kenny and his crew. Later, I get to sit back and enjoy the antics and joy of this Drama Desk awarded Best Musical with the laughter, tears, and jubilant ending.

I’m so pleased and proud!

If you had told me ten years ago that this would be my path, I would have never believed you. In fact, no one would have. I was a single-again woman who loved her teaching job. I love that life is a portfolio. I love that you can leap out and try something new. I love not only that I had the opportunity, but that I grabbed it and dared to believe I could succeed at something new.

And along with the leaping…I’m having the time of my life!