Connecting To Children Without Words: The Gift of Touch

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Children, Faith, Love, Podcast, Travel

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by Nelda Sue Yaw | from Nelda's Blog

Rocking little girls to sleep can be addictive in a good way. It’s my way of connecting without words. Those moments of swaying together, humming, singing, and breathing in rhythm. It seems to bind us in a way nothing else can.

If there is anything I wish I could do with my grown-up kids it’s just hold and rock them. Hear their hearts again. They are so precious to me. If only they knew that I dream of those days when we rocked together.

Mommas don’t get to rock their babies enough. Baby number two, three, and four come along and there is just not enough Momma to go around. If only we could bring those days back. Hold them close. Watch them while they sleep a little more.

And, just like before…it’s yesterday once more.

My oldest two don’t know the times I sat in their rooms as they grew and adored each little breath, those sleepy sighs. I loved being their mom and nothing brought me quite as much joy as their sweet voices in the morning and the songs they sang while swinging and playing alone or together.

Now I get to hold two more, hear the peace in their sleep, count the slight snores and sighs. Each night as I descend the stairs I think about my first two babies and smile to myself. I lift a silent prayer for their health and well-being and send a silent hug full of love and adoration.

Life is good…and full of joy. Sweet memories abound.