Choosing Home, Choosing Community

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Family, Inspiration, Life

I was actually washing my face and putting on a quick facial when it dawned on me—I am choosing a new kind of freedom for Karl and me and the girls. The freedom to move to a new place of our own choosing, a smaller place, a community. A place like us, for us.

We are choosing to leave a place with reminders, hurtful history, and a pace of life I cannot fathom living any longer.


That looks good written here.

We choose smaller. We choose more peaceful. We choose a home.

We choose us. We choose roots. We choose a little like-mindedness, and county fairs and floats and parades. We choose apple pie and cowboy boots.

We choose love and acceptance over competition. We choose a great place and all that it means.

And we choose it together.