Changing the Lives of Women and Children in India

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Cause, Project

Bright lighting and loud music, buffet tables, and constant drums — all the markings of a vibrant and lively wedding ceremony, witnessed from my balcony at a hotel in New Delhi, India. I thought it was fascinating, how it all beckoned any passerby to steal a peek behind the brilliantly colored fabrics used to cover the fence. But the truth is, all the color, all the fabric, thinly veiled reality. The next day truth was once again revealed, as the ropes were lowered and piles of trash were uncovered, testifying this was just a facade.

I saw the many facades every day in India. Women hiding their hurt and desperation behind brightly colored cotton and silk. Their lives are withering before them, but there are no other choices for them. Forced into the sex trade because of poverty. My heart aches for their plight.

I hope my partnership with Jubilee Market changes the choices for women in India, even if only in some small way. Jubilee Market teaches women skills and provides sustainable income, so they can support themselves and their children. With seven training centers in India and the launch of one in the United States, women are learning vocational skills to become independent. They are taught sewing, clothing and jewelry design, computer literacy, and basic business skills to give them the freedom of independence.

One of my favorite purchases and what I frequently give as gifts are one-of-a-kind sari quilts made of five layers of recycled saris, hand-stitched by an Indian woman who has been, or is at risk of, human trafficking. One purchase at a time, one changed life at a time a world away.