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Welcome Monday: No Going Back To Bed Now

It’s as if something or someone always knows when: your husband is out of town, it’s the last week of your 3-night-a-week seminary student guest (and their finals week), the girls’ musical at school week, and your only day to relax and have no one bother you from 8:30 until 2:45. Cuz that’s when the dog escapes and goes romping in the creek.
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Lazy Monday. Dog lying down with soft purple background

A New Saturday Morning Tradition: All Is Well

I’m sitting upright in my bed on a Saturday morning…it’s three minutes to 10 am…and this occurrence is so rare I will write about it. My 9 year old leans against Karl’s pillow and is talking aloud to a Zombie Villager who has invaded her Minecraft village. She wears her blue earbuds (her favorite color) and speaks a little louder than usual.
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Bed on a Saturday Morning

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