Acceptance Is More Than Tolerance

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Growth, Inspiration, Life

Rejection hurts. But sometimes I think mediocrity towards a person hurts worse.

I grew up hearing, “Hate the sin; love the sinner.”

And since we all are guilty of sin . . . let’s just give everyone a big giant love fest! Gotta hug for me? I need a big ol’ dose of genuine love!

Here’s what I mean — Acceptance is more than tolerance.

Acceptance: Approving, Embracing, Gaining, Receiving

Tolerance: Enduring, Suffering, Letting, Resigning

I’ve been watching so many things unfold in our culture. Somehow we’ve all just missed the boat.

The saying “all we need is love” falls a bit short. Grace and acceptance, coupled with love, wisdom, and understanding go a long way. Today it seems we need wisdom more than ever.

I want to be approved, embraced. I want someone to gain from knowing me, and to receive me as a friend. I want you to accept me, warts and all! All my shortcomings and my strengths — they’re all I’ve got, and I can offer you no more. I strive to give this same thing to others!

It’s what we need to give everyone — acceptance. It’s also what we each need.

If all you are doing is enduring my presence, suffering through my being here, resigning yourself to being around me, just letting me stay, then you have lost out. I am not welcome in your world.

We are all different, our frame of reference determined by our life experiences. We each need love and acceptance in order to thrive.

No matter which side of an issue or belief system you may stand on, giving honor to each other is what civility is all about.

Because, you see, acceptance doesn’t compromise your beliefs, it just helps you see that people are not an issue, not a cause, not a status. They are a living, breathing, brother or sister.

We are lives. People. With a history, and a hurt, and a desire to do good.

Tolerance is a first step, but wisdom leads us up the beautiful staircase to acceptance.

Want to race the staircase with me? See you at the top!