Abi Ferrin’s Women of Purpose

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Cause, Featured Article, Project

Abi Ferrin’s Purpose Project is a cause that I stand behind not only because she is empowering these women to share their stories and the challenges they have overcome, but also because I have dealt with my own body image struggles. It goes back as far as I can remember to the days of being a drill team captain at my high school. I have struggled with what the mirror and scale say about my capabilities and worth for decades.

I know self-worth isn’t a number on a scale. It’s not defined by my curves or the size of my clothes. Self-worth is something you own within. But it wasn’t until 2017 that I became determined to change my narrative, to silence the lies I had been telling myself. So I made the commitment to myself and to renowned fashion designer Abi Ferrin to join her for her Purpose Project.

Abi Ferrin’s Purpose Project is empowering and inspiring. The Purpose Project and Abi Ferrin’s line represents real women of a diverse background that have overcome. Rather than using traditional fashion models for her 2017 Spring and Fall lines, she invited a diverse group of women to participate in the project and to share their inspiring stories. These women have dealt with paralysis, have overcome abuse, are activists, or pioneers in business, just to name a few. In addition to sharing their stories, they remind us that all races, religions, relationship statuses, sizes, shapes should be embraced and loved.
As we all came together to celebrate and support one another last spring, I couldn’t help but notice the song playing in the background. Rupal’s classic “You better work, work it girl” was blaring through the speakers, and I caught a glimpse of my two precious girls walking down the brightly lit hallway, on their own personal runway. My husband and I decided to join in and began our sashay down the hallway in a fit of giggles and belly laughs. Although I was laughing during that joyous moment, I didn’t forget the purpose behind the fashion walk or Abi Ferrin’s project.

The purpose is not to teach just my two impressionable girls to “work it” no matter their shape, size or age. But to help remind women, and myself that we are enough exactly as we are. To help show women that we can overcome our insecurities, to have self-acceptance and self-love. That the story we women tell ourselves is simply the wrong narrative.