8 Days: Inspired By Real Events, A Trafficking Victim’s Viewpoint

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Cause, Project

It’s not everyday you meet someone with first-hand experience with human trafficking. Someone who puts a face on how it rips apart families. That was my friend Jaco for me. His sister was trafficked. What a different perspective I found listening to his story. The pain. The fear. For her, for him, for the entire family.

When Jaco told me about a project he was directing, a dramatization rather than a documentary – from the point of view of the victims, I knew I had to help.

Inspired by real events, 8 Days, is a story about a teen girl who is forced into sex trafficking and how her family and community fight to free her.

Think about that for a minute…”real events.” True. That’s why I partner with those on the front lines, fighting this horrific industry. For the victims. For their families. For my girls. So they can grow up in a world where fear doesn’t rule.