Nelda's Pioneer Tour

Join Nelda as she criss-crosses the country discovering the pioneers, unsung heroes and the artists who are truly making a difference.


Pioneer Tour

Susan Ramirez Interview
Learn what Austin Angel, Susan Ramirez, is doing to improve the foster experience for children and the foster families.

Pioneer Tour

Linda Kohanov Interview
Hear how Linda Kohanov helps people communicate, relate, and lead more effectively by using the language of horses.

Producing the Prom

Backstage on Broadway
Join Nelda backstage at the Tony-Nominated smash hit The Prom and see all the magic that happens behind the curtain.



The Prom: Broadway’s Uplifting Musical With A Message

I’ve always been a tad dramatic. I know. That’s shocking. Involved in local theatres since I was a teen, I’ve also had the joy of seeing both my adult children act and sing in Broadway inspired musicals. I guess you could say our whole family is dramatic, or...

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Nelda’s compassion and generous heart is matched only by her profound commitment to making the world a better place.

—Dori Bernstein, Tony and Emmy Award Winner

Nelda is a bold visionary and a pioneer. She is this grand mix of hilarity and sage wisdom rolled into one. To know Nelda is to be seen and valued – and to be inspired to take on the next hill.

—George Lynch, CEO, Traffick911

Nelda is one of the bravest women I know…and she excels at helping others to be brave as well. Nelda has the gifts of encouragement, generosity & kindness-giving hope to all those who have dreams.

—Elizabeth Glover, CFO, The Jubilee Market

Nelda does so much to help others realize that shame is such a wasted emotion.

—Abi Ferrin, Fashion Designer

Nelda understands the visceral power and importance of supporting new narratives, women’s narratives. She has thrown her support whole heartedly behind the stories that we need to tell.

—Natasha Davison, Award Winning Producer

Nelda is filled with grace that pours out on others around her. She loves people with a kind of love that causes one to be encouraged to new heights of achievements.

—Dr. Wayne D. Spears, Founder, Abbie Lane Retreat



Daring to Believe

If you had told me ten years ago that this would be my path, I would have never believed you. In fact, no one would have. I love not only that I had the opportunity, but that I grabbed it and dared to believe I could succeed at something new.
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