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Live life inspired. That’s what Nelda is all about. Join her as she introduces you to fascinating and inspiring people who are changing lives and changing the world.

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Join Nelda as she talks with philanthropists, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and artists as they share their amazing and inspiring stories.

NeldaTV Popular Episodes

NeldaTV Popular Episodes


Melody Ross

Melody Ross has been changing the world one brave girl at a time by teaching us to live the best, happiest, most productive, and fabulously life we possibly can. I’m now thrilled to be partnering with Melody to expand her mission. In this time of need and crisis please take advantage of the Social Distancing Serenity Kit to reinvest in yourselves and your own mental well-being.



My upcoming film, Desert of the Real (working title), is directed by Laura Dunne and co-executive produced with Robert Redford and Terrence Malick. This film explores the denaturing of American childhood and the unexpected consequences of immersing young minds in the virtual realm. Part film essay, part verité study, the narrative interleaves provocative interviews with thinkers on topics such as child development and the re-patterning power of screens with scenes from a boyhood ages 3 to 13.

Nelda’s Story

“Nelda” means: to bring light to, to enlighten. And no description is more fittingfor Nelda Sue Yaw.Nelda’s personal story is one of heartbreak and triumph. Growing up in a small town in Louisiana, she was always motivated to help others find their light and happiness. However, as an adult her life began to spiral out of control after her first marriage of 20 years suddenly and painfully ended. Falling back on faith and family for comfort, she was then confronted with an unexpected illness. All of a sudden, Nelda was a single mother, with serious health problems, and flat broke. This was the bottom.

From her personal crisis came a reignition of her passion: The promise to find joy amongst the difficulties in life and help others do the same. Her struggle and perseverance taught herthe strengths in vulnerability, trust, community, acceptance, and advocacy. Her journey has brought her to today, with both personal and professional success, a loving husband & family, and a unique platform to advocate for those seeking help, creating change in our communities, or giving back in a positive and meaningful way.

Nelda has learned that through failure you find success, and that difficult times and joy do not have to be mutually exclusive. She believes EVERYONE has a story to tell and she’s made it her mission to help good people doing good work to gain exposure and support. Because together we are more powerful than when we go it alone.

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Keep up with Nelda as she continues with her mission of helping others overcome obstacles and live an inspired, joyful life.

Nelda’s Work

As a philanthropist, investor and producer, Nelda is constantly active in creating new businesses, launching projects and bringing synergy to each of these efforts.


An enthusiastic supporter of the arts, Nelda recently co-produced the Tony-nominated musical The PROM, which is now undergoing an adaptation to film (starring Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman). Currently Nelda is co-producing the film Desert of the Real, with co-producers Robert Redford and Terrence Malick. Nelda also has one other film under wraps, which will soon be announced. In addition to her large giving, she is also a patron to many individual artists and musicians.


As a former educator, Nelda is a strong advocate for improving our educational system across public, private and homeschooling efforts. This spring Nelda is undertaking the production of a video interview series that elevates innovative ideas from education leaders across the country. Nelda’s near-term work will highlight ideas, techniques and methodologies for educating our children who are sheltered at home during the Covid-19 crisis.


Nelda has a passion for causes that protect our mind, body and souls. A strong supporter of the Austin Angels, who work tirelessly to improve the lives of foster children; Traffick911, who the fight against human trafficking; and the Joseph Campbell Foundation, which encourages us to follow our own hero’s journey.