Butterflies and Rainstorms

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Inspiration, Life |

This morning there was a kaleidoscope of butterflies visiting our yard.

I found out what to call them when Karl asked me, “What do you call a group of butterflies?”

You can also call them a “rabble” or a “swarm,” but let’s agree…a “kaleidoscope” says it all.

Do you see them in your mind’s eye? For me, I see a jumble of color somehow in perpetual motion, slightly out of focus yet partly crystal clear—like dancing stained-glass pieces in the air.

These beautiful beauties could also be referred to as “Nelda distractors.” I’m certain that choosing a place to stay next week on my trip might be wise. Yet I’m writing about butterflies.

It’s a beautiful day; the rainstorm last night worked a bit of magic on the hot, tired Texas soil around here. Everything bloomed again, resurrected by the much-needed rain. It’s humid but refreshing after those dry-hot days.

Maybe you need a kaleidoscope of butterflies, or a rainstorm at night right now.

Or a hug…

Sending one your way…we will be practical another day.

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